Gift Shop in Bailey Colorado

Give a gift, get a gift! Squirrel Bucks are Back!

Back by popular demand! You loved them the last two years, so they are back again this year!!

From November 13 through December 17, you’ll earn $5 in squirrel bucks for every $25 you spend in our store. So if you spend $50 you’ll earn $10 in squirrel bucks, spend $100 and you’ll earn $20 in squirrel bucks and so on.

Squirrel bucks spend like cash after the holidays. There’s no limit to what you can earn.

You can spend your Squirrel Bucks in January and February to get a gift for yourself. The way it works is that you can use Squirrel Bucks to cover 50% of your total purchase in January and February. So if you spend $30, you can cover $15 of it with Squirrel Bucks. Ask questions or learn more details in our store.

So shop local with us to give and get!